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eaglespirit-mobileMobile Veterinary Clinic in Greeley, CO

Seeking an animal doctor for a beloved pet in Greeley, Colorado or the surrounding areas of Windsor, Eaton and Loveland requires an understanding of the services we offer and the way that we believe in handling any problem. A veterinarian offers a variety of services and tools that help maintain the health of your pet, but you want to feel confident that you are working with an appropriate mobile vet for your goals and concerns.

Mobile Vet Services

Our Team

At the Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice, we strive to provide the services you expect when working with a team of experienced veterinary professionals. Our veterinarian, Dr. Thomas Ponder, started Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice in 2003 as a mobile vet service. We offer appropriate veterinary care in a fully equipped medical unit without the limitations of a fixed office space.

Our team takes measures to provide appropriate services based on the needs of our clients. We have more than 30 years of experience working in veterinary practices and we ensure that every pet and pet owner is treated with the respect and care that they need.

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The Mobile Practice

A key factor that sets our team apart from other veterinarian hospitals is the mobile nature of our office. We serve several areas throughout Colorado, including Greeley and Eaton. As a mobile service, we move around as needed to provide the care that your dog or cat needs to maintain good health. Our mobile veterinary clinic is spacious and well-equipped to treat your pet.

We check on the health of your pets and make recommendations based on the needs of the specific animal. We also offer immediate care for unexpected emergencies or health concerns that arise. As a mobile practice, we have the flexibility to ensure that your pet gets the care he or she needs without the inconvenience of a long trip to a fixed location.

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Keeping Your Pets Healthy

An animal doctor plays an important role in the health of your pets. By working with an experienced veterinary professional, you ensure that your pets have the proper care they require in Loveland and Windsor, Colorado.

We recommend a regular check-up on an annual basis for any pet to ensure that your dog or cat stays up-to-date with appropriate care and treatment solutions. We also recommend that you bring a pet to a veterinary professional for initial shots and treatments according to a recommended schedule based on a pet’s age and specific health needs. Our mobile vet services allow pet owners to reach our for assistance whenever a pet shows signs of a sickness, needs a check-up or needs the initial shots and treatments required to keep young dogs and cats healthy through the first months of their life.

Your pet is an important member of your family and you want to make sure that you offer the right care and treatment to address his or her needs. At the Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice, we assist with your goals and help keep your pets healthy. For more details about us, contact us today.

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