Pet Wellness Care: Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy for Life

Pet Wellness Care MattersWhat does wellness mean to you? Do you associate it with annual physical exams? How about things like exercise, eating well, and supporting emotional health? Wellness means many things to many people, but when it comes to pet wellness, what exactly does it mean for our pets? 

Eagle Spirit Mobile Veterinary Practice is here to help define some of the important aspects of pet wellness and how you can better support your furry friend.

Creating a Baseline of Health

One of the reasons it’s so important to bring your pet in for an exam as soon as possible is to establish a baseline of health. A baseline of health is basically your pet’s normal health during each stage of life.

This helps us identify any changes in your pet’s health over time and can make an incredible difference in detecting changes early on. By recognizing even subtle or minute changes in your pet’s health, we’re better equipped to treat problems before they become life threatening. Continue…