The Buzz About Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention is a key component of having a healthy petWhether you’re firing up the grill or heading to the lake, it doesn’t take long to notice that annoying “bzzzzz” near your ear. That’s right! Bugs and parasites are out in full force, and nearly everyone is gearing up with lotions, sprays, and citronella candles to keep them away.

Parasite prevention should also be a no-brainer for our pets. Not only are parasites annoying, but they’re also dangerous, carrying diseases that can harm both pets and people. To fully prepare pet owners, the team at Eagle Spirit Mobile Veterinary Practice is offering up some suggestions on how to protect your furry pal.

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes…Oh My!

It’s a given that these insects are a problem for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Spreading illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and even the plague, you may be wondering how you’ll ever enjoy summer this year. Unfortunately, these foes threaten your pet’s health, as well. Continue…