Mobile Equine Veterinarian

Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice is excited to offer equine veterinary care to the Greeley, Loveland, and Windsor communities. As with our small animal care, our mobile hospital allows us to provide more comprehensive equine veterinary services than a “pick up truck and vet box” mobile hospital.

  1. With our mobile hospital, we can provide the following equine specific services:
  2. Wellness exams with history and environmental assessment
  3. Lameness exams
  4. Digital radiography and digital ultrasound
  5. Point of care blood work: Complete Blood Cell Count,  Biochemistry Panel, Thyroid Testing
  6. Reference Lab Testing from IDEXX Labs
  7. Health certificates
  8. Microchipping with a Datamars Equine microchip and lifetime registration
  9. Core and non-core vaccinations as recommended by AAEP: we use only the highest quality veterinary-sourced vaccines (NOT from Feed Stores)!
  10. Minor surgery
  11. Ophthalmology
  12. Dermatology
  13. Parasite evaluation and control recommendations

When you choose Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice as your equine veterinarian, you are choosing state of the art care without having to sacrifice convenience. We will work with you to set an appointment day and time that works for you, and will arrive in our mobile hospital ready to care for your horse(s).

Call us at 970-356-3134 today to schedule an appointment!