Traveling Health Certificates

Traveling with your furry best friend can be exciting! But are you aware of specific travel requirements for your destination city or country?

There are some states and all countries across the world that have requirements when it comes to traveling with animals. It can certainly be a lot of fun to go on an adventure with your companion, but you need to make sure that you are informed and aware of the regulations in the city or country that you intend to visit, as well as equipped with all of the same necessities you would pack for yourself – documentation, medications, and appropriate travel gear.

At Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice, we are USDA Certified and can provide you with a much-needed health certificate prior to your trip both domestic and international. What do you need for this? Why just a simple wellness exam for your pet!

International & Domestic Certificates

While it might seem like a no-brainer that you would need a certificate to travel to another country with your pet, there are definitely states here in the US that will require you to have a health certificate for your pet. Not to mention there are some airlines that will not even let you board without one regardless of the destination. The certificate will allow the airline that you’re traveling on or the destination city that you arrive in, to know that your friend is 100% healthy and not carrying any communicable diseases that might spread in a new location. Just as you would with yourself, make sure you are educated in the requirements specific to whatever airline you plan to fly with prior to booking your ticket.

How Do I Find The Requirements?

There is a link below that will help you figure out what the requirements will be for your travel plans. If you plan to travel abroad, you would enter the destination in the top right search box. If you plan to travel within the US, there is an area below that will allow you to enter the state of your destination. The Pet Travel website provided by the USDA will provide a useful list of paperwork that you will need to complete for your trip.

Like anytime you plan travel, it always requires some time and research before you purchase your ticket. Be sure to plan ahead and find out all of the details if you plan to travel with a pet.

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