Mobile Pet Surgery in Greeley, CO

Eagle Spirit Veterinary Practice believes your companion deserves the same level of care and attention expected from your human medical practitioners. Dr. Ponder offers veterinary surgical services in Greeley, CO, in our state of the art mobile veterinary practice.

Our mobile veterinarian takes you through each step of the procedure beforehand, going over the expected outcomes and making the experience as stress-free as possible. We recommend pre-surgery blood work for pets six years and older to rule out possible issues that might complicate any procedure.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

The appropriate age for this procedure varies depending on the breed of your pet. Our vet verifies that your companion is physically developed enough to proceed with the surgery. There may be some soreness experienced afterward by your pet. There will also be restrictions around how active your pet can be for a certain period.

Mobile Pet Surgery in Greeley, CO


We take tissue samples from tumors or other growths found on or within your pet to determine if a serious disease is present. Biopsies can be crucial in catching and treating illnesses like cancer before they can spread.

Tumor Removal

Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, we can remove any tumor or mass cleanly from your pet. We do everything we can to keep pets comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Sometimes our companions develop issues requiring more extensive surgery in other areas of their body. Our veterinarian, Dr. Ponder, takes care when performing any soft tissue surgery to ensure the best outcome for your pet.  

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